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    Financial Rehabilitation

    No matter your situation,

    WE CAN HELP!!! 

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    Credit Monitoring

    24/7 credit monitoring & alerts
    keep you aware of the changes and updates

Who we are?

Centralized Management Services delivers a fusion of solutions encompassing consumer document and credit monitoring challenges through the United States. Centralized Management Services was developed from the viewpoint of the consumer, focusing on compliance, customization, consumer support, dashboard report capabilities, unparalleled speed, and the flexibility to adjust as the industry changes. We’re here to carefully review all of your information for clarity and accuracy, make sure that every detail on your document is correct, and help you fully understand the entire process.

We strive to provide our clients with perfection and understand that we are only as successful as our clients. We proudly stand by each and every one of our clients until all the goals they have set forth are accomplished. Our client success stories make us proud that we are fulfilling our mission on a daily basis. We’d like to add you to the list of satisfied clients and look forward to speaking with you soon.

What do we offer?

Centralized Management Services offers a Comprehensive Financial Rehabilitation Program along with a state of the art Credit Monitoring Platform. We know that every single consumer has a different set of circumstances as well as unique goals. Therefore, each program will be tailored and unique for each consumer. In order to do so, our knowledgeable staff, will speak with each and every consumer as frequently as needed or desired by client. These efforts are taken to ensure the current situation of each consumer is fully understood and the goals of each consumer are crystal clear. We strive to best utilize your time and ours by closing process gaps that will create efficiencies to maximize productivity.