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    Financial Rehabilitation

    No matter your situation,

    WE CAN HELP!!! 

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Financial Rehabilitation

Each and every one of our clients has very unique current circumstances and future goals. No matter your situation we can assist you in achieving your dreams. For some, it may be that you are drowning in credit card debt and don’t know what to do. For others, it may be student loan debt. Others are experiencing a burden with their auto loans and/or mortgage loans. And for some it may just be the need to assist you in creating and following a budget. As well as many more scenarios. No matter your situation, WE CAN HELP!! And, YES, we help people every day that fall into more than one of the categories aforementioned.

Please do not feel alone if you fall into any of those categories. We have assisted over 10,000 consumers since 2009, all of which were experiencing a unique challenge. Our highly-trained account managers are here for you every day and can help with any and all situations. Our goals are to cure the current situation as well as create a long term and strategic plan that will be used to help you achieve your goals.

We have clients that are retired and on fixed incomes, or getting close to retirement and want to experience retirement with little to no debt, or middle aged and experiencing a hardship of some sort whether it be kids in school, illness, divorce or many other scenarios, and all the way down to recent college graduates that are drowning in Student Loan Debt or younger adults that simply have gotten in over their head. As we said before, every situation is different and we can assist in rehabilitating any Financial Situation. We love the opportunity to assist you in achieving your dreams.

Centralized Management Services is a for-profit consumer assistance company that is currently in the process of qualifying to do business throughout the United States. The company does not offer its services or accept any new clients in any states where it is not qualified to do business.